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Mi vida loca

My crazy life

30 August
I grew up on a farm that is outside a small farming community. How small? As in I had 33 classmates in my graduating class and two of them were foreign exchange students. I am adopted and have a brother by adoption. I have not met any of my bological family. I think my interests tell quite a bit about me or at least the type of stuff that I am into. I am working on starting up a home based business selling crocheted items of all sorts with a few other craft stuff mixed in there that is sold on ebay. No it isn't up and running yet...soon I hope unless life interferes more.

Let's see what else, I orginally went to college to become a athletic trainer...or sports medicine if you wish, my second year of school I changed majors to arts administration, that combined the fine arts like music and art with management skills. My hope with that major was one day to own or at least manage a dinner theater. I still would love that as a career. I became pregnant with my first son and could't continue going to school where I was. I then went to cosmetology school to help add some more knowledge and back up the arts admin degree which I had intended to finish one day. It didn't happen. I was home with my first son for seven years. I now have a second son.

I am currently attending a state university. I am currently working towards a bachelors degree in Social Work with a minor in Spanish and certification in gerontology.

I'm a wizard on the MUX, Ashirion: The Broken Sphere. I also play on the MUSH Castle D'Image and ShangrilaMUSH. I like to doodle costume ideas, and do all sorts of crafts. I have way too many ideas for projects and not enough time to do them. I like to read books, pretty much all kinds depending on the subject matter. I have a lot of books I have boughten and never 'read'. I use them as referece books. I also like to look at art of all kinds though I like art that is very detailed and hand done but not grotesque or picasso styled, some computer done stuff is ok as long as it looks hand done. I tend not to like the art that obviously computer generated.

I have a pretty grounded temperment. I am not easily offended or angered. Once angered though...you better run. I give one warning and one warning only to those that are upsetting me. If they don't listen then they get what they deserve as they were warned. I regret very little of my life, looking at the 'mistakes' as learning points rather than mistakes or failures. I am also a very loyal friend, but with that said I have few good friends because of that loyalty, in that I want to make sure people are worth it before given it. I hand out my friendship quickly but the loyaty and standfast defense of those friends has to be earned and can take a long time sometimes.